International day of Peace 2015 theme ~Partnership for Peace~

IMG_3004 international day of peace partnership for peace
International day of Peace 2015 theme ~Partnership for Peace~
This year’s International day of Peace 2015 is “Partnership for Peace”, Before International day of Peace announced the theme of this year, I have been already started the partnership for peace – between different level of organization.

*1. Since beginning of March as a partnership for Peace, using my connection with school in this world, I have started a project called “School of Peace” which connect school as a twin school for peace and sharing the culture, peace & protection the environment actions by exchanging program via logical tool of communication “Writing the letter”. Now Poland Gliwice & Turkey Sakarya Secondary school started to make connections for School of Peace Partnership as twin school. –more and more school I do invite and we will make big community for school of Peace partnership!

*2 After finishing long walk from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany, 26th of April, I came back to Auschwitz/Oswiecim, and I just started new plan for making twin town for peace between Oswiecim/Auschwitz Poland and Chiran Japan.
This year for both country and both town it is very important year for peace,
-Auschwitz / Oswiecim Poland – 70 anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation Camp
-Chiran Japan – 70 anniversary of ending Pacific War

At very important year for Peace for Poland / Japan I do started to connect these two town as twin town for Peace as partnership for exchanging history, culture, and education in order to form the peace rainbow from tears of the earth & human being to the bright future.

On 27th of April as an agreement for making twin town between both town and both country, I visited one secondary school at Oswiecim / Auschwitz and held lecture & planted apple tree and moreover with Mayor of Oswiecim we had a great conversation for this twin town for peace project!!

More and more people, school, and Government started to connect for peace sharing information, knowledge as a global citizen for Peace!

Using my connection using my experiences using all of myself I do try what I can for this world for Peace!!!
Peace is really possible – it is all depend on us!

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