Peace for the earth means peace for ourselves!

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What is the real way of our sustainability for our future?
Since we have had a civilization we have created so many things – and I do can say our civilization is
the civilization of “Heat”, civilization of “Noise”, and civilization of “Destruction”.
-We have been keeping destroying the nature using natural resources, and making machinery and product, and -all machinery and product making heat, and noise.

Nowadays we have started to goes the direction of sustainability. – However still our way of sustainability couldn’t solve the big main problems of “making heat”, “making noise”, using the natural resources destroying the nature.
Solar energy, wind energy, water energy, or electric cars…. We still need full of natural resources, still through the machinery we made heat & vibration and many creature was getting influences, and break the circulation of nature.
Now we just change to use different way of using the natural resources – trying to leave from dependence on oil, but core problems of our civilization couldn’t solved.

More than making heat, noise, and destruction, we need to increase to do more stuff for the nature –
which is
We need to plant tree more!
We need to reduce rubbish more!
We need to reduce consumption more!
We still need to think about the balance between human being and nature.
We still need to think about the Peace between human being and nature.
And we need to think how to leave from civilization of heat, noise and destruction.

When we find the way of Peace between Nature & human being, the time exactly we can solve all the problems of our human being – poverty, conflict, war through competition society, and discrimination society, and consumption society!

Peace for the earth means peace for ourselves!

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