Dear All MY Peace Family

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letter to Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel message to Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel message from Chacellor of Germany Angela Merkel

Firstly I do express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to all the people who supported me and encouraged me all the way from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany for their heartfelt kindness and humanity.

Through my walking from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany -21 of February to 25th of April, I walked 604kms & planted 12 trees, held 12 lectures at schools & local community, 17 media I got interviews from TV, Radio, and Newspaper – and for spreading real peace message through tree planting at Berlin on Earth Day, more than 585 people from 20 different countries they gathered the signature of Petition and sent Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, and Mayor of Berlin.

Once again thank u so much for everybody’s great precious effort for peace and for protection the environment! And it is extremely wonderful message that our small action can make differences!!! As an example through my actions and through our unity for peace, we could do great action all the way of my walking and moreover even Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel couldn’t make a time, but she sent me a message through her secretary. –Exactly our small actions gather and our message cans reach to all the people!

When I walked arrived in London I felt hopeless through people’s attitude – the time using 2 months I did prepare peace march toward London Olympic stadium & plant one symbol of peace tree for last action from China to London walked 12,500kms, even so many people said yes – but the time nobody came and I couldn’t do anything at London.

HOWEVER from 2012, 3 years passed the time, and now many people awake their humanity and feel right to peace and have started own action feeling their possibility and opportunity! It is exactly Golden sign that our world goes right & bright direction for the future!

I myself- 26th I do go back to Auschwitz Poland and in order to make connection between Auschwitz Poland and Chiran Japan –where has same sad history of the War as a Twin town exchanging the history, experiences, knowledge, education for bright future, from world widely important year for Peace 2015
Poland Auschwitz – 70 anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation Camp
Japan Chiran – 70 anniversary of ending World War 2.

From March – from March, not only the twin town project but I do prepare in this year Peace Week project.14th to 21st of Sep, and from 3rd of Oct from Berlin Germany to Normandy France I do walk for Peace!!!

Let’s gather more and more people and all together let’s spread great message of Peace together!!!!

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