Earth Day Event Berlin ~Oasis of Peace healing People~

On 24th of April -Peace Walk from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany FINAL ACTION “EARTH DAY EVENT AT BERLIN was held at center of center Berlin Germany – Fischerinsel (Fisher Island) “KREATIVHAUS e.V”.
The place is quite amazing place – and all people who works at the place has great consciousness of Peace & Protection the environment!
The first encounter with this place and organization was the last day of my walking toward Berlin on 19th of April. I walked arrive the area of Berlin city and during my waling in the center of Berlin where is nearby Berlin Tower, Red city hall (The Rotes Rathaus) I could find green area at Fischerinsel (Fisher Island) where has open air – big old trees, and environmental tree houses. – For the first time I felt here must be special place and I must visit the place.

And when I got negative cold respond from Berlin City Hall and ignorance from Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel (finally I received the message today 24th of April from her office 2 days after the “EARTH DAY”) – The day it was 20th of April last Monday I visited the place without any appointment, we had a conversation and next day we agreed for cooperation in Earth Day event with planting symbol of Peace tree spreading the real message of Peace at their place!
As same as my first impression of the place – the organization has quite wise view and wide view, have been trying to do a great action for ordinary people for all generations and all nationality people through the art, music, theater, kindergarten, supporting family & coaching for whom lost the job.

From my bottom of my heart with full of respect I do can say the place is the place of multicultural ENVIRONMENT FOR ALL GENERATION AND ALL NATIONS!
All the generation and all nationality people can come to the place and share, learn, teach the skill, knowledge, and experiences – helping each other for madness world of Capitalism and Materialism at Berlin!
It is the exactly the Oasis for ordinary people – relaxing and releasing negative feeling and encouraging and inspiring, and empowering each other.

So as my original plan of the idea of the Earth Day, I could hold great actions at center of Berlin with great people!

Today from 11:00 with kindergarten kids, local people, people from different country, Turkish-German Green Party politician Mr.Özcan MutluÖzcan Mutlu, all different people together we celebrated Earth Day with various activities!

-*Kids – sang song related with Nature!
-*Theater and Poet – showing us the short acting with poetry.
-*Musician – sang songs for Peace for earth
-with all together planted one apple tree at the garden.

I think at center of Berlin this apple tree is the only one apple tree at center of Berlin!
And at the wonderful place of Oasis for Peace – we planted the tree would be great message for future! – Because at center of materialism & capitalism, we planted real fruit tree and through the symbol of peace tree growing – I fully believe the people would realize we cannot eat the paper of Money, and understand – it is not the way to focus on materialism or capitalism = (it just makes our situation worst) but we need to focus on the real life thinking the real name of Peace – between Human & Human and Human & Nature.

THANK U so much for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to hold my last actions of my Peace Walk Action from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany 600kms!
It was my pleasure to do the actions with real people Peace People at Berlin!

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