Earth Day Königs Wusterhausen ~Peace at home Peace in the World~

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23rd of April, cooperating with Municipality of Königs Wusterhausen and Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium (Friedrich Schiller High School), we held Earth Day event at the city -Königs Wusterhausen.
It was brilliant day of the event of Earth Day with the wonderful people as same as Cottbus. We held lecture meeting with students, and we planted tree with Mayor of the city “Dr. Lutz Franzke” and students!

The place of the city – Königs Wusterhausen is the one of my favorite place in Germany.
And the all people who lives in this place – hospitality is amazingly wonderful.
Accommodation where I am staying, Municipality from Mayor to the officer, School from principal, teacher, and students, local people, kids, – they are all together making wonderful bright atmosphere. -At the center of the city there are beautiful park along a small river, very cozy small main-street at center and old ancient time castle surrounding by green grass field… and everywhere I could see trees, nature and people’s smiling and relaxing.

There are Peace in people’s heart and Peace at home and peace at the City.

I do can not to say it was accidently happens to stay at this place, and to hold the event with local people at the place.
During my walking from Cottbus to Berlin, in order to send Chancellor of Germany, & Mayor of Berlin the 585 people from 20 different countries signature petition f symbolely of peace tree at Berlin Wall on Earth, I had to go to Berlin before I walked arrive in Berlin and moreover had to find the location for my basement of my action after I walked arrived in Berlin. Firstly I have had tried to stay in Berlin, and 2 days I was in Berlin due to sending the petition, but I felt it is not the place for my staying and paying attention in my last action of my walking from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany – because of the noise, busy roads, and crowed people everywhere – and same time Berlin City Hall refused our petitions and our cooperation – because of two reasons – I had to choose the place to stay! – and immediately the location pop in mind “Königs Wusterhausen”

As soon as I checked in the accommodation – hotel reception amazed my actions and immediately she contacted Municipality and newspaper, and dramatically arranged the meeting and made an agreement for our cooperation in our Earth Day event on 23rd of April Königs Wusterhausen.

I really hard to find the words -how to express my appreciation for all the people live in this place! Everything just amazed me and I really feel I want to stay as much as I can at this wonderful peaceful place.

Königs Wusterhausen – I do can say it is the place of symbol of Peace with Nature!
And they exactly spread the message of this words
Peace at Home, Peace in the World!

Thank you so much for all the time great hospitality and support!!
Municipality of Königs Wusterhausen, Hotel where I stay, School where I visited,
and students who I met!

Tomorrow is the last day of my Peace actions -600km walking from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin, Germany.

With full of my respect who helped my all the way from Poland to Germany I will spread the message of Peace at Center of Berlin – KREATIVHAUS e.V Fischerinsel 3, 10179 Berlin from 11 am – with wonderful People who has great mind of Peace!


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