EARTH DAY Cottbus ~OUR Small Actions cans change the world~.

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22nd of April it is the day of Earth Day when is the 192 different countries people concerning the Protection the Environment, preserving the nature and doing the actions for our Mother Earth by various actions and most symbol of the action of the day is TREE PLANTING!
Today 22nd of April – Earth Day I visited one elementary school called Bewegte Schule Cottbus and with very cute kids who has pure innocent heart! We celebrate Earth Day together!!
The kids & school amazingly celebrate the Earth day with wonderful program! On the day of Earth Day all kids prepared their presentation, and taught other friends how to separate the rubbish which is – kitchen refuse, paper, re-useful material, bin & bottle, plastics, and household trush… and as example showed the demonstration of collecting the rubbish and put in a right rubbish pin with others and afterwards find the wrong one! Moreover the do told how to recycle, reduce, and reuse the rubbish, and tell the message – what we can do for our mother earth – our little actions can change the world with singing songs & tree planting!
Not only the day of Earth Day, as general school program they collect rubbish at forest, they plant tree, they teach how to clean the earth using earth worm, making art using natural material…. They have so many program at school and it just make me amazed and inspired me a lot!
Many kids has high awareness of peace and awareness of protection the environment!
At beginning I just have a plan to stay few hours at school although I stayed over 5 hours at school sharing my experiences answering student’s questions!
Not only Cottbus, at 3 difference places in this world, my friend celebrated the Earth day at their community!
– My Turkish friend who is teacher celebrated Earth day and with students held presentation talking about “How to protect the environment, how to make peace in our world” – and making conclusion and do steps forward for their place by their own action at their places like “tree planting”, “cleaning their area”, “charity events”…. Individually and as a program of school they started the great efforts – not only the day of Earth day, but did educate students and try to encourage the students to think, act, and spread the peace & protection the environment! –
their mentality comes from their first President of Turkey “Mustafa Kemal Atatürk”
“Peace at Home Peace in the World”
-My Friends of Peace who is Taiwanese celebrated the Earth Day at her Church located in Fongshang Province at Kaohsiung teaching recycling, reducing, and reusing material and for earth they planted trees at their yard! She has been doing her peace and protection the environment by walking, tree planting, and education since 2009 after she joined my walking in Taiwan
-Poland Oswiecim – International Youth center the international students planted my peace tree which I gave them before I started walking at the lecture event for German students!
It is amazing that so many friends of mine started own actions for peace and for protection the environment at their place individually!!
It is not the end of my Earth Day Actions! tomorrow at Königs Wusterhausen
And day after tomorrow at Berlin center We celebrate Earth day spreading the message of Peace and Protection the environment with many people!!!

Kids are amazingly have pure and innocent heart! We need to protect as same as we do have to preserve the nature!! They are our future hope!!! Happy Earthday!

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