There are no words of impossible in my life dictionary

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There are no words of impossible in my dictionary

From beginning of this Month “April” at Berlin I do try to organize the Earth Day event with many kinds of peace, however there were full of hardness and difficulties.

-*Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin Universty refused my proposal, and
-*Berlin Wall Memorial kept saying “Nothing possible” – nothing gave me any information,
-*Berlin City Hall – they didn’t replied my email for ages, and when I visited the office and gave them 585 people’s signature petition from 20 different country they also refused my proposal – just saying we are busy no time to talk or even they said contact – no contact.
-*Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel – I gave the officer our 585 people petition for symbol of peace tree planting at Berlin on earth day – nothing respond till now.

So many times I do wanted to give up. I wanted to escape from the situation from German people who has cold heart…. Who could not feel the meaning of Peace, and meaning of humanity, however even if I felt it
– I never ever try to give up! I never ever try to avoid from the situation. As much as I face the difficulties or hardness I got much strength and continue to find the way harder!

When I felt loneness in the night, When I felt the road has been too long,
When I felt the event has been too hard. All the time in my heart I could listen the encouragement
–“ Keep walking” “Keep Moving” “ Keep giving” “Keep doing” what you can do for Peace for the others!

The words of encouragement –
-Every things comes from people who gives me a power,
The words of encouragement
-Every things comes from people who gives me a love
The words of encouragement -Every things comes from people who save my life.
And the words of encouragement
-Every things comes from my precious people “my Fiancee” and my Best friend” who left from this world,
but – keep alive in my heart and keep sending me a love and taught me what is the life! And guide me to walk toward – road of Peace.

Everybody’s face and words is in my heart! That is my strength of love! and no matter how hard, no matter how difficult, no matter how people react! I can make something from nothing to something!!!
– The dictionary of life all comes appear from the encounter with people who I explain in above!
And there are no words of impossible!!

Now one day before the Earth Day I managed 3 Earth Day event in different place
-*at “Cottbus”/22nd of April, – Cottbuss Local newspaper Lausitzer Nachrichten journalist invited me their kids school earth day event!
-*at “königs wusterhausen”/23rd of April,- Hotel where I am staying reception helped me and introduce me the municipality of this town and Municipality International relations office director arrange the lecture & tree planting event at high at high school and
-*at Berlin”: 24th of April. Yesterday I visited the KREATIVHAUS e.V. and today with director Mrs. Angela, and Job coaching & project coordinator we had a long meeting and they fully support my actions we all together to hold great event with many actions celebrating Earth day!

Moreover at Turkey, Taiwan, and Poland my friend celebrate Earth Day with their community people at school and organization! From bottom of my heart I do express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for everybody’s love and kindness and support and patience!  THANK U SO MUCH!

From tomorrow using 3 days I do express this appreciation and respect and my message for everybody!!!!!!

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