What is our responsibility for our world & for our next generation?


Since 2007 I have been keeping my determination which I live not for myself for my happiness but for Peace for the others happiness using everything of mine – money, time, power, and life and keep doing my actions for Peace lighting up the people to start the actions for this world and for our next generation! I walked 13,000kms planted 5000trees, visited 750 schools & university, and helped 250 orphanages seeing the reality of the world.
Through the actins these days I really do feel now is the turning point for this world, and if we cannot definitely human being will disappear from this earth in 50 years…

Now what is the problems of us? We made limit by ourselves! People said – “We are busy for working raising the money for our life, we have no time to do any action for this world, for peace – because there are Corruption, there are rules, there are people who have a power, position, or money control the world!”

Adult people said these worlds therefore now students – young generation have been starting following what adult people said…. And they have giving up their hope and dream and just following the rules or nowadays world society…

In this way can we make a better world? In this way of thinking can we make peaceful world?

I want everybody to remind the person who had kept his dream and kept lights up the people in America!
I would like everybody to think the people who had kept inspiring and encouraging and empowering the local people to stand up and change the situation! – Martin Luther King Jr.

His speech is extremely powerful and inspiration! His words of “I have a dream” is greatest words in our human history!
Because of his efforts, because of his extraordinary hard work with self-sacrifice for his people, even at the moment when he alive couldn’t change the world, but his soul his message still have been keeping lighting up people’s heart and exactly change the situation! And change the world!

Yes I know there are rules, there is the people who control the world and society!
But just because of now situation, can we say “We CANNOT”

Can we say we have no hope in this world???
Can we educate young generation it is the way of our life and society??

World is changing! Situation, environment, is changing!
The biggest enemy is one’s selves. Not the others! Not people not the government, not politician, not people who government or big country called Terrorist!

We ourselves are the biggest enemy!

Let’s start to change our mind! Let’s start to keep our hope and dream for this world! for next generation! Do not think nowadays society or rules are all! And do not think we have to follow this!

Please keep following your heart! Please keep following your humanity! And start to show our positivity not negativities!
We can do the actions! We can do something for the others with keeping our hope our dream toward the name of peaceful world which people called –Utopia!!!!!!!

I do believe we can make peaceful world!
I do have a dream everybody can start the actions breaking down their limitation!
I do keep my dream and lights up people inspiring encouraging, and empowering the people!


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