Berlin Madness of selfishness and Goodness of humanity


Today was very busy day for managing the actions in Berlin. From 8 am to 4 pm I visited different organization “government”, “NGO”, “University”, and “Newspaper”. Berlin Germany is really different place where I have visited as same as London.

Generally world people think German people are too strict at the rules & schedule and if it is not their way people refuse, or try to avoid from the situation even it is good cause or good program. –it tells us the German do not want to make any risk, and they think they are the best people in this world….

Today’s encounter with people and students I could see two type of German – one is TYPICAL GERMAN people whom we have an image, and other one is totally opposite side people following their humanity. I could meet those 2 types of peoples! And I think they are related with past history of Germany separated between “Western Germany” and “Eastern Germany” – communism and democracy…. And some point these mentality was hand downs by their ancestor to next generations… I think people who had an experiences of communism: East Germany – would be much humanness but I do not know other side because I haven’t have any experiences in Germany I just walked in East side of Germany! And Cottbus, Königs wusterhausen, I do felt they are really nice and open mind with full of humanity!!! For me honestly it is very hard to accept the people just following the rules or following the machinery…. And no acceptation for the ideas which is out of their frame of way of thinking.

I would like to give some example – and which made me very surprised.

The experiences were happens at Technical University at Berlin with Council of Students. As same as I held the lecture & tree planting at Cuttbus, today I visited Technical University of Berlin and I tried to organize the event with students who works at Students council. They were exactly same as the adult whom works at government with cold mind following just rules…. As soon as I entered in the room, they were not welcoming my visiting. – However I did started to explain who I am and what am I try to do for this world! –most of the people who I met especially young generation get full of inspiration through my experiences and through my message of Peace. but they didn’t … Just told me the negativities – we cannot arrange any rooms for lecture such a short term – normally we need asked 2 weeks before, we have to do for many things and we cannot manage it….
It is their way of thinking, but actually there are full of possibility and opportunity!! But they couldn’t think differently…
“RULE is RULE” And “Schedule is just schedule”

Nothing happens as our expectation or our original plan.

Actually Japanese people are also very strict at rules and schedule but very different point with German people are Japanese people even follow the schedule or rules, but we do use the schedule and rules much more flexibly responding with revision. It is all comes from my country situation – disaster “Earthquake”, “Tsunami”, and “Typhoon” etc….
We cannot expect and prepare 100% for those disasters! But when these things happens we can unite and we all together to fix or recover the situation and atmosphere. Good example is after World War 2 Japan had had tried our best and became strong country! And 1995, 2011 we had terrible disaster “Earthquake” but each moment we unite and recovered the situation immediately. – Everything comes appear from morality, humanity, and common awareness of family who lives in same mother earth!

But in Berlin Germany, It is so hard to feel these humanity, or morality, they just follow the rules or schedule just for themselves, own interest and if it not related with their interest.

Whatever Wherever However Whenever and Whoever I do not care these side of the people, because I do believe there are always good and wonderful people like I did met today at “Berliner Morgenpost”, and “KREATIVHAUS”. Just for these people whom has a bright and clear minds of humanity – I keep continue to do my actions and encourage the people inspire the people and empower the people lighting up the people to be able to keep their dream and hope for this world!!

Tomorrow I do have more meeting with people and try to organize the event for spreading the message of Peace from Berlin Germany!

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