Peace for Earth means Peace for Ourselves

Next Week for spreading the message of Peace through the Earth Day, already I have full of event in a different place!

1.) 22nd of April – At Auschwitz Poland :International Youth Cetner, on be half of me they will plant one tree at their center!

2.) 22nd of April – At Cottbus Germany :Bewegte Grundschau from 9am with kids we plant tree for celebrating Earth Day

3.) 23rd of April At Königs Wusterhausen at Secoundry School We will hold Lecture and tree planting with Mayor of the city.

Moreover I do arrange more action in Berlin with School, with Muicipality of Berlin, and Media in order to spread more message for Peace and protection the environment through the “Earth Day”

Without nature we cannot make peace in our society and without making peace in our society we cant save the nature! On the day of Earthday let’s think what is peace, what is protection the environment and do a small action at own community -plant tree or plant or flower! with full of our respect our Mother Earth!!!
Peace for the Earth means Peace for ourselves!

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