ALL for One, One for ALL ~Finally arrived in Berlin walked 600kms from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany

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Since 21st of Feb 2015 I have been walking from Auchwitz Poland, and using 58days walked 600km today 19th of April finally I walked arrived in Berlin Germany!!!!
During my walking to Berlin today I could see many places where related with Berlin Wall and the part of Berlin Wall still stand on the public area!

This time Even it is short walk for me compare with previous walk from China to London 12,500km, but I had 2 years brank of my walking, honestly I was afraid and worried about the walking. But each moment, each encounter, and each action with local government and local people, local kids and local media, my negative feeling was released and with full of energy & full of determination for the people who helped me, supported me, I could walked doing variety of actions from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany in order to spread the message of peace and in order to awake the people humanity and right to peace.

From bottom of my heart I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for everybody heartfelt encouragement and support!

Through this 600kms walking – I do realized many things that I couldn’t do my actions alone! There are full of connection and through the connection sharing the people talent, connection, idea and all unite I could do the actions at each places where I tried to do the actions. And I fully felt this point which we need this mentality for Peace which is
“ALL for One” “One for All”
– ALL of us need to think, help, support and encourage individual person with full of consideration and with humanity & Individual person need to think, help, support and encourage the ALL people with full of consideration and with humanity!

It is also can say to this world
-“World for Local” and “Local for World”

It is because we are form a natural community with a common destiny.
We are in a same boat of Earth!

If we could have this mentality “All for One, One for ALL”
All of us try to do for one individual person and individual person do for All people with consideration and humanity– I do think we can make a better world together!

From now with this great mentality which people taught me through my walking from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin German, I do try to do the action in Berlin for Berlin & Germany and also for this world for Peace!!!! With my humanity and with my full of appreciation and respect!

Please keep support and cross our finger for the action in Berlin German!!

Once again thank you so much for great support from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany!!!!

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