Real way of our life -Seeing the great family on my way to Berlin

18th of April from Königs Wusterhausen to Berlin Betriebsbahnhof Schöneweide I walked 20km, and finally I entered in Berlin Area. Moreover to the center of Berlin just 10kms left. During walking through the local people’s living area I saw great scenery of local people’s action which I always try to spread the message to the people which is
“Everybody can do a small action for Peace and Protection the Environment in our daily life individually”

What I saw was one of the family who live near by the small park of forest.
The family entered forest and collected the rubbished and through it to the public rubbish bin. The family has 2 little kids whom might be just 4 years old little girl and all together from kids to parents they clean the public area proactively!
Their attitude is great example! As same as the family doing for their environment, living area in our daily life there are full of stuff that we can do for environment and for peace! – But we do not try to do, we do not try to know, we do not try to see – Although for our own family we can easy to feel and realize the situation of family, and house situation – and we do try to talk with family and try to solve the problems and relationship for their family, in addition people try to keep clean the house doing house works.
However as soon as we leave the house many people don’t care the others the environment. Even do not say hello to the people who pass by.

Through my walking in Germany I do say hello to people who passed by, but city nobody did, but country side people look at me and say hello or give bow. – we smile feeling happiness!

Not only these consideration to the other through the little things of greeting we can feel the connection with others. And we can feel the happiness.
And also if we do a good things for the environment – people who lives same community area unite and do the actions as same as the family whom I explain in above – what would be the world situation? Wouldn’t be much better world than present situation??

We do had the culture living with together with people at same community as a big family we did sharing, helping, appreciating, encouraging, empowering, teaching, and learning with each other – all people who live in a same community teach the young generation! From kids to adult no matter how is the occupation, age or gender or generation… we were same!
Let’s keep remind what was our life!! There are all answer in our ancestor knowledge and words! – Which I saw at the park of forest one of the family were cleaning their area of environment teaching the kids who to live in our life!IMG_2736 IMG_2737    IMG_2742 IMG_2743

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