Tears for Peace…. Life for Peace….

Today during my walking I do not know why but
in front of me the person appeared….

I tried to grasp her hands I tried to catch her to not leave from me..
but she disappeared….. and I understood it was sad illusion.
Always I try to catch her… I try to grasp her..
But It is impossible… I know it is illusion…
And Naturally I shed my painful treas….

The first and last person who I loved in my life….
And impossible to meet again in this life….
I never and ever forget the person.
And because of her I have determined to use my life for Peace…..
So even I am sad but I will be happy.

I can give everything,, I can give my love,,
I can give my life,, for this world… for peace….
Because the person taught me what is the meaning of “Love”,
Because the person gave me, “Love
Because the person show me the world with color with “Love”

Now many people couldnt get these important stuff of giving
from bottom of our heart with love.

As she gave me the life, I do use whole my life for this world for peace….
Even if I am sad, even if I shed my tears in my heart
I am happy… I will be happy….

Till I leave this world,,, whatever, whenever, Wherever, However
I will keep my actions for peace for her..


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