Walking from Groß Köris to Königs Wusterhausen 20km – 30km left to Berlin & Getting interview from Local Media

Today morning from 8 am I did walked from Groß Köris to Königs Wusterhausen 20km
IMG_2673 IMG_2674 IMG_2675 IMG_2679

–it was great walk in a nature encounter with many wild animal and hearing the sound of nature! In the morning most of the animal was quite active – bird, Deer, Goose, and the area of Brandenburg is quite green and full of diversity of nature I could enjoy. – now just 30km left to Berlin.

Moreover this afternoon I got interview from Königs Wusterhausen local newspaper called Märkische Allgemeine.
Just 2 days walking left to Berlin using weekend, and next week I do try to do my actions in Berlin for spreading the message of Peace! More information as soon as possible I do inform everybody, when I get new news!!! Please support the last action of my walking from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany in Berlin! Peace in our heart! Peace at home! Peace for the world!

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