Message to Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel & to World Peace Friends

message to Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel

Here is the letter which I sent to Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel for asking to accept the Symbol of Peace Tree planting at Berlin Wall where spreads “Unity for Peace” and when the symbol of Protection the Environment “Earth Day” 22nd of April!

Still I do try what I can do to make the Symbol of Peace Tree planting happens
in order to spread great message of Peace which without protection the environment, we cannot make peace in our society and without peace in our society we cannot protect the environment. Because peace exist between human and human & human and nature!

I myself these few days I do keep walking toward Berlin. Today I walked from
Brand to Groß Köris – 20kms, and same time at Königs Wusterhausen with Municipality of this town we organized the event for next Thursday action
-holding lecture and tree planting at Königs Wusterhausen with students,

As Berlin got closer by my walking, something start to be happens!
I still still keep our wish! that over 585 people from 20 different countries sent me the signature of Petition for symbol of Peace tree planting!

I do believe Angela Merkel – who is the leader of Germany, and leader of European Union, and who spreads the message of sustainability would spreads great message of Peace through this symbol of peace tree planting on the day of Earth
and at the place of unity for Peace!!!!!!!!


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