Plum trees bloom most beautifully as they stand and overcome the cold severe winter


“Plum trees bloom most beautifully as they stand and overcome the cold severe winter”
Once I determined to use my life for Peace staking on my life,
using my life, using my time, using my everything.

I do have to keep my determination for peace live for peace.
I do have to never give up.
I do have to have a strong heart as same as stone or Iron!

I do believe someday people start to understand my message and
start to do the action individually even if now people do not believe me,
even if people don’t trust me.

The hardness and the difficulties would make me more wise and give me
more wide view for everybody and for peace!
I do believe now what I try to do using my life is destiny! and my mission!
I do keep my strength! I do keep my faith and believes and never get influence from
the others and no matter the situation or people’s behavior I do keep my way of my life for Peace!

一貫唯唯諾  一貫、唯唯(いい)の諾
従来鉄石肝  従来、鉄石(てっせき)の肝
貧居生傑士  貧居(ひんきょ)、傑士(けっし)を生み
勲業顕多難  勲業(くんぎょう)多難に顕(あら)わる
耐雪梅花麗  雪に耐えて梅花麗(うるわ)しく
経霜楓葉丹  霜を経て楓葉(ふうよう)丹(あか)し
如能識天意  如(も)し、能(よ)く、天意を識(し)らば、
豈敢自謀安  豈(あに)敢(あえ)て、自から安きを謀(はか)らむや

初春の雪の冷たさを耐え忍んだ梅の花が麗しく咲いて芳香を放つように、晩秋の深い霜をしのいで楓の葉が真っ赤に染まるように(人間というものは、辛いことや 苦しいことを耐え忍んでこそ大成するのだ)。(天は人々に本分を授けている。)

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