Back to my Walking toward Berlin 68kms left to Berlin! ~Let’s share our knowledge and make something wothful things for spread the message of Peace from Berlin!

Back to Walk toward Berlin – 68 kms left to Berlin! Yesterday on 13th of April I did gave 585 signatures from 20 different country Petition to accept tree planting as Symbol of Peace at Berlin Wall on Earth Day 22nd of April.
We did great great job for Peace uniting together! But if you still want to send your signature of petition please send with your message to Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel:

About me I didn’t finished my walking from Auschwitz to Berlin so today I go back to the place Lübben where I finished my walking on 11th of April and walked to Brand about 16kms! Using 3 to 4 days more I do walk 68km and will arrive in Berlin in this weekend!

Now we are waiting Angela Merkel replies for our Petition! And I hope she will accept global cause for Peace planting tree as symbol of Peace at Berlin Wall on Earthday!!! But let’s think more possibility for making it happens!!

If you have any connection with anybody at Berlin Germany!
If you have any connection who has a connection with Germany parliament members!
Or some people who can reach to Angela Merkel!
Let’s start to contact with them and make something happens together!!

Still we have a time! Let’s share our knowledge, connections, and information! All together make something worthful stuff for spreading the message of Peace on Earthday! At Berlin!!!!

Here is the some video which I took today during my walking from Lübben to Brand in a forest!

Always I myself get full of imagination during my walking in Nature!

Please watch the video clear the mind and think what would be more possibility to do more effort for Peace!!!

Thank u so much!!

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