Paul P. Harris Planted Tree at Berlin in 1932 with Local people, But why 585 people from 20 different countries people wish for Peace with one tree planitng at Berlin have to be refused??

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Here is the the Essay of Paul P. Harris who was a Chicago, Illinois, attorney known for founding Rotary International in 1905, a service organization that currently has well over one million members worldwide.

On his essay he wrote about his first tree planting at Berlin with the fervent hope that it would stand for many years as symbolic of the living, growing friendship between the German people and his own country.

And times goes by I came to Berlin with 585 people’s signature from 20 different countries for global wish that everybody become global citizen of Peace and make real peaceful world across the frame of human being at Berlin Wall where is symbol of Peace and when the symbol of Protection the Environment Earth Day 22nd of April!

There are no reason to say NO! And if they say NO means
We do not care the Peace! We do not care ordinary people! and
Individual action for peace!!

I still keep believe that Berlin people & Government of Berlin and Germany
has wise and wide view for Peace and for our human being bright future! and
no matter who we are, no matter the position, no matter the rules, following our humanity and goodwill we could spread great message on earth day at Berlin wall
at 2015 – important year for Peace! – following 25th anniversary of breaking down the berlin wall, 70 anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation Camp. and 70 anniversary of Ending WW2!

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