More Signature arrive from all over the world!

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This evening I received many signatures from all over the world!
From Taiwan 31, Turkey 4, Syria 17, India 2, Iraq 2, Nigelia 1, Pakistan 4, Egypt 7, Palestine 3, Nigeria 1, Lebanon 2, Algeria 1, Jordan 2, South Korea 1. and USA NY 22!
And till today I gathered the signature 300 therefore at this moment 300 + 79 + 22  = 401 signatures were gathered from all over the world! Till tomorrow morning I do gather the signature and will visit Chancellor of Germany & City Hall of Berlina and propse Symbol of Peace Tree Planting at Berlin Wall on Earthday with Angela Merkel!
Let’s gather more signature and make it happens together!!!
(During I try to organize the Earth Day Event, using more 4 days in this weekday I do walk arrive in Berlin by my walking!)
Keep our voise and keep our postive energy and let’s inspore, empower, and encourage people to start the action for Peace!!

Once again thank you so much for everybody’s support and action for Peace!!
I fully felt even it is beginning but expactly our small actions started!!!!! for Peace!!!!

THANK U and Peace for everybody!!

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