Here is Municipality of Berlin answers for our Petition & for my official letter

Here is the Answer from Municipality of Berlin. We all gave people an opportunity to do the actions for Peace! And 20 different countries over 584 people from Minister , Governor, Mayor, Directors, ordinary people. and kids all took the opportunity to do a better world through the one single tree planting as a symbol of Peace. But Berlin City said we can not do anything… What do you think their attitude everybody??

For me It was 2nd time to see these people London & Berlin!
People let’s realize the reality of nowadays situation! people became more computerize and forgetting humanity what is importance of our life!

More than machinery we need humanity!
More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness!
And release our discrimination and we need to unite together to make a better world no matter the position, no matter rich or poor, no matter strong or weak!
We need to share and cooperate with each other for making better world!

Let’s awake our humanity and right to peace! and do the actions for this world!!
Nothing impossible! Because just few days we gathered 584 signature from 20 different countries it is great hope!!

We have a power people!!!
We can change the world!
We can make a better place!


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  1. Here is my replying to Municipality of Berlin

    Dear Mr. Petra Schwarz

    Thank u so much for your message.
    However as peace message I am so disappointed your decision.
    Because nowadays just only government, or big organization, or people who have a position or prize
    can not make a better world!

    Please check the world situation!? the world became worst situation ever.
    Terrorism, Conflict, War so many problems are happens!

    Therefore I and UN try to awake ordinary people humanity and right to peace
    in order to make people to start the actions for Peace
    – thinking about peace, Act for peace, and spread the peace individually.

    I and UN believed that 2015 – important year for peace
    from Berlin where is symbol of unity for peace , and on Earth day 22nd of April
    we could spread the real message of Peace! which exist between human and human
    and human and nature.

    And as you read our petition 584 signatures from 20 different counties people
    wish just one tree planting at Berlin Wall on the day of Earthday!

    Please check the document again and please think what is the possibility for our cooperation!
    We all look at Municipality of Berlin Positive reaction!

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    P.S here is the other letter for symbol of Peace tree planting on Earth day at Berlin Wall


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