Giving my letter & Petition from 583 people – 20 different countries to Chancellor of Germany & Mayor of Berlin Today!


Today morning I visited Chancellor of Germany Building & Mayor’s office of Berlin! and sent official letter & petition from 583 people from 20 different counties.
In shirt term using 7 to 10 days my peace friends gather huge number of signatures!
I respect and appreciate for everybody’s support and for showing the world we can do small actions and make big movement from our humanity!!
Now we did what we can do so let’s pray and let’s wait their respond! We did our best. Even if we cannot make it happens, we did our best and this is really important things!!! and we can spread together that many people wish for peace, not only wishes but we could unite and did the actions for Peace!
I myself still 84kms left toward Berlin so using this week I do walk to Berlin!
And I really wish our peace heart reach to Chanellor of Germany & Mayor of Berlin!

Best Wishes with full of my respect & appreciation
Your Peace Friend YUJI MIYATA

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