430 signature for Petition now! Let’s more and more signature gather!! Give peace your power!

From now 6 hour later I will go to Building of Chancellor of Germany and City Hall with my letter and everybody’s signatures of Petition to accept Symbol of Peace Tree Planting! at Berlin Wall on Earthday 22nd of April from 20 different countries over 400 peoples wishes! and I do give it to Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel! and Mayor of Berlin!
From one is OK please write your name and email address and your nationality on comment or send me a message through the facebook!
I do write your name down on the list!!! Please give peace a power of yours!!
And all together let’s make it happens and spread the real peace message from Berlin Wall on EarthDay with Angela Merkel!!
P.S during I write this article  From France & Spain & Estonia 17, from Syria 11, and Vietnam 1 = 29
My friend sent me their signatures!
Now total 430 signatures gathered!!! Please send me the signature for petition!!!

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