Cottbus Newspaper “LAUSITZER RUNDSCHAU” & Keep doing my actions for Peace toward Berlin!

Today my first action in Germany at BTU was reported by Local Newspaper called LAUSITZER RUNDSCHAU.(;art1049,4986436). It is big article and mention about my 22nd of April event with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel which I try to many ways.
And moreover my walking action are continue toward Berlin Germany! Today I walked from Vetschau where I did finished my walking on 9th of April to Lubben 25kms. To the destination of this time Peace Walk from Auschwitz is just 84kms using 4 days more.
I and my peace friend all over the world now try to gather the signature for Petition of Symbol of Peace Tree Planting at Berlin Wall on the day of Earth Day 22nd of April. Till now From Vietnam 133, Taiwan 51, Turkey 37, Germany 10, Serbia 8, Italy 1, Nigeria 1, Bulgaria 1 (Total 242 people gave me the signature for the petition)
Now Japan, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, France, Germany, Turkey, Korea, and Switzerland, UAE, USA, and Syria my Peace friends have been gathering the signature for spreading the message of Peace on the day of Earth Day at Berlin with Angela Merkel.
*More Information of Petition

Petition to Accept Symbol of Peace Tree Planting0001Petition to Accept Symbol of Peace Tree Planting0002
Petition to Accept Symbol of Peace Tree Planting

I myself, using next week I do walk arrive in Berlin and not only walking but also try to visit the government office and try to organize the event on EARTH DAY sending all world people wish for the day of spreading the real message of Peace!!!

Please join us and all together let’s make it happens together!!
From one person signature is ok! Please write your nationality, name, and email address, take picture and send it to me via my email (!!!
Let’s unite and gather our individual power and right to peace and let’s make a big movement from our humanity and positive energy!

Thank u so much for your support and kindness!!

Peace in our heart!
Peace at Home!
Peace in the World!
Peace on Earth!
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