First Peace Action In Germany with StuRa & UIKW – at BTU Cottbus And more Signature for Petition from Germany, Turkey, & Serbia

First Action in Germany –Cooperated with StuRa (Studierendenrat) & Umweltinfokraftwerk -eine studentische Gruppe der BTU -Brandenburglshe Technische Universitiat Cottbus Senftenbrgy we held lecture meeting & plated one tree at Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus–Senftenberg.
It was really amazing moment with these students because they have quite wise and wide view for the issue for Protection the Environment & Peace. It comes from two reasons I thought
* one – the university 20% of students are foreign students and from all over the world the students gather, unite, share the knowledge, experiences and study & inquiry their subject. And one other point is Germany County! – The country takes initiative and lead the sustainable development – using clean energy. On my walking in Germany, I haven’t see the atmosphere that many solar panel, and wind power in the country.
Because of 2 reasons of back of the students – makes them wise and have wide view for the future. – as one of proof the students council works independently and doing some great actions and activities at their campus and moreover at the campus students made “Botanical Garden” and have been trying to spread the Ecology and Peace.

Most of the university students have been more big head and don’t try to do some actions! But they are quite active and they really do the actions and know how to approach and how to organize and how to arrange and make better students life raising their experiences and awareness of real important thing in our life!

It was my great honor to visit having a time with these students through my lectures and planting tree.

From the students I do got signature for my petition for Symbol of Peace Tree Planting at Berlin Wall on the day of Earthday 22nd of April.
And not only the students but today from Turkey, from Serbia I got signatures!!!

More and more people gather for Symbol of Peace Tree Planting at Berlin Wall on 22nd of April! And as I felt at Cottbus I do believe and trust Germany – especially Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel has wise view and wide view for real peace and lights up the country young generation and whole world young generations to make a better world.

I do keep my walking actions and working for the actions at the end of my walking from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany in order to awake people humanity and right to Peace!!!

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