Nothing is Impossible! Release your limitation and do actions!

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This week from Monday I do try to organize the event at Cottbus as the first action in Germany, I did had full of meeting with people, Government, University, Students council, and Journalist. As I said previous post “Most of the things isn’t happens as our expectation and our plan” – each time I check the situation and immediately find the solution and making the priority and following the priority I do try to make some actions and keep doing my actions.
For example Cottbus, I did visited Municipality of Cottbus, and firstly the officer brought me the international relations office and I did ask what we can do. – Their answer was quite negative and not clear (In this case through my experiences nothing would be happens from government side) – therefore I changed my way of asking and asked them about connections with Media, Schools, and University and to contact via phone. – First response was “We are busy so – Is it ok to give the list and contact them by yourself?”
And I said “OK I do try but firstly from government side would you please to contact them and make some appointment? It takes just few minuet.” And the person tried to contact – Education Department, University” and there were some person who cooperated with government but also they said “BUSY” so they gave me some email address of students” – The situation also still hard to make something therefore I added to ask “Media, and tree planting can u ask some people using today and tomorrow and can we meet again tomorrow?” The person said OK and I deeply thought what would be necessary to do from the moment and I made priority
“#1 not contact through the Email with students –but visit directly the office and meet somebody who works at the place and arrange something or getting some more information to find some possibility to organize the actions”
“#2 To visit directly the Media and ask them to have an interview writing the article of mine” And depend on the situation let’s find the way what I can do. And following my priorities I did what I can do.
*University – I visited the person who talked with government, and asked where was the office of student’s council? and I visited the office of students council directly and off course there weren’t the person who I tried to meet, and asked people who workd at the place “Is there any person whom can talk for the actions and organization?” The person said “No,” and added that “Please contact the person by email.”
It is short term staying so I do wanted to reach somebody and tried to get some information or phone number. The time one of student’s council members came back and we do talked and immediately we did made agreement for holding lectures in this week.
Moreover after the meeting with students council I visited Local Newspaper, and asked receptions to contact who can speak English, – one of student whom might doing some internship came to me and had a discussion, I did tried to reach some Journalist, but they said now nobody here. I kept talking and found the way – the time one of journalist came back and I did explain who I am – expressing my passion – finally they contacted with one journalist and the Journalist came down and we did interviews for 1hrs and half – promised to spread my message reporting through their newspaper.
Next day- 8th of April, I did visited government office and asked the situation – they said Nothing happens – Local newspaper were not interested in, (Even I did got interview) and tree planting location they couldn’t find it… (I knew before the meeting) but full of my patience I expressed my appreciation and asked them last proposal – can you post the lecture event at University – they said Yes!
but I am not sure what would be happens.
And now through my actions with revision and approaching and organizing using 2 days – I do can hold Lecture meeting at university, and tree planting and Journalist will come to have interviews on 10th of April.
Today I did had an extra time so I did walked from Cottbus to next city called Vetschau walked 20kms!
If just follow the first plan and the result wasn’t same as our plan or expectation, normally people would give up! And nothing try to find the other way to reach the goal!
But if we keep our big vision and each time revise and make priority and do what we can do – then even it is not our expectation way but some way we can reach something and through the achievement we can revise again and try what we can do for vision – exactly we can do something!
Everything depend on our heart – release our limit and do the actions is the way of our life!
Let’s think wisely! And widely! And have a wide view let’s try what we can do for this world! If we do nothing we cannot make a better place!
There are no busy!
There are no words of impossible!
And there are no words of Nothing we can do!
Yes We can do!
Yes We have time!
Yes everything is possible!!
All depend on us!

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