We have diversity but we all have same common heart of “Humanity

Today 6th of April I do walked from Forst to Cottbus -24kms. It is the first step of my walking in Germany.
In Poland I have had done my actions from Oswiecim and have a full of connections now after my walking and actions,
therefore I might can do some actions but now I entered in Germany and the situation became same as situation when I arrived in Poland in Feb -no connections and from nothing I do have to start making something for Peace.
It is very hard all the time
– from country to country, from city to city, from town to town, from village to village, I do walk and every single place’s situation is same -from nothing I have to make plan by myself, I have to approach the government, Ngo, School, and Media by myself, I do have to spread the message by myself.

The people who read my article or who see my picture, maybe just understood what I did, but couldn’t see the process of the actions which all make it happens from myside. Each area, each location, each country’s situation is different, and all people has different back ground and way of thinking, – nothing is same.
“So many men, So many minds” “So many human society, So many culture”
Each moment, see people, check the culture, learn the language, study the religion, and be a local people as same as the local people. And always make something. Tomorrow is the first challenge to approach the municipality of Cottbus.
Nothing afraid, nothing worry, nothing scare, and as a gift express my passion and my thought for peace and make somethings happens in Germany with local people!

Even we have full of diversity in Human being following each background which culture, religion, gender, generation, but we all have humanity! And it is the reason why I can keep doing small actions cooperating with world people to keep doing the actions continuously!!

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