“Germany” – 2nd Chapter of my walking from Auschwitz to Berlin

<2nd Chapter of my walking from Auschwitz to Berlin>
Forst to Berlin

Here is the 2nd chapter of my walking “Germany” from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany. The distance is 154kms I will walk through Cottbus, Vetschau, Lubbenau, Brand Bahnhof, Halbe, Gross Koris, Königs Wusterhausen, Berirk Treptow Kopenick and arrive in Berlin 19th of April using 14 days walking and doing my actions. Moreover from 20th to 27th of April (Especiall Earth Day 22nd of April) using 1 week I do try to hold the actions in Berlin for spreading the real peace message! I do try what I can do for this world and for Germany!
Please give me a hand and let’s try to spread the peace message together!!!

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