Don’t waste our life! Let’s feel our real life, Let’s think about our real life for this world

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Don’t waste our life – Let’s feel our life!! Now how many people live properly in our life? Don’t we waste our life? Because of the convenience don’t we forget the real meaning of our life? Before our ancestor lived their best. They live real way of our life. Feeling the Death, Feeling life and tried what they can do for the others using their life.

*Real life is to do something for people to awake their real life to begin to grow their real life in their life and start something for others.
*Real life is to do something to cultivate somebody’s real live! And all together take responsible of our life works sharing our knowledge, sharing our skill, sharing our experiences and hands all down to next generations.

Life is short life is limited but many people now just focus on short term vision of our life, saying busy for our work, saying this is rules, following the tight schedule – and forgetting the real meaning of life.

Let’s feel our life.
Let’s think our life.
Let’s think how use our life for world!
Let’s be true to our heart and share our life for world.

All our answer is in our heart!

Today during my walking from Zary to Tuplice 24kms walking in busy road, small road and in the forest, along the farming field,
I was thinking deeply about my life!

I knew I found the way of my life! “Peace”, but I still think more actions for peace using my life!
– Like not only walking, not only tree planting, not only lectures, helping people, not only education, – not only these <inspiration way> my personal actions and a basic actions for peace
– I was deeply thinking what is the way to make people to start the actions for peace. Because just only these basic actions isn’t enough to make a better place!
– We need all have a mind and start an actions no matter how big it is for their people for their place….

Through 2 years from 2013 I have tried my best to make people to realize their mission their destiny by themselves – thinking about peace, acting for peace, spreading peace from their life -via my educational actions cooperating with many people trying to unite people to start the actions together encourage together, empower together, and inspire together. In order to make people to act individually with high awareness of peace – not only I but other who would be involved the actions has to have similar mind with me therefore due to my strong opinion for peace and my too wide view for peace, people couldn’t follow my view and way of thinking. It is really hard to find the way but I do keep doing my basic actions and my educations and find more what I can do for this world feeling my LIFE thinking my life, how to use my life for world and to be true to my heart sharing my life for this world!!! Everything is making a better world!

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