Patience for Peace

Today I walked from Zagan to Zary around 14kms short distance.
The weather have been worse these 3 days but I do keep walking with full of patience.
Patience… Patience…. Patience….

These days walking is telling how importance of Patience keep focusing on myself, my actions, my walking.

Making Peaceful World in our human society we all need “Patience”
till the people turns to face on the reality of world starting the actions for Peace!
If we rush pushing our opinion to make people do some actions for peace
– people turns back to the face hiding from the reality,

and if we do too slowly too weakly, people cannot see the reality and cannot change the situations.

Not slowly but not quickly but as our speech which we can do walk and do work for peace
and naturally from one to two, two to three, three to four, four to five
naturally the speed of peace (number of peace) would be increased and many people start to be able to involved for the actions for peace.

Patience…. Patience…. Patience….

Peace is very difficult and sensitive issue that peace is too close to our life and too far away from our life.
Therefore people couldn’t feel how can we do for peace in our dairy?
People couldn’t feel from our words and behavior we can change the world from people who live closed.
People couldn’t feel we all have full of possibility and opportunity and responsibility for making peaceful world especially for next generation but now many people focusing on their dairy life working for something selfness.

Patience…. Patience… Patience…
As the weather of these days, the world situation became worse, but let wish someday the sunny bright day come and lights up all together for the starting the actions for peace together. Till the time let’s keep walk for peace following our each speed of Peace with full of our patience….
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