Step forward for peace for our life, then being able to see something

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Today I walked from Szprotawa to Zagan 18kms in a very hard weather as same as yesterday. Now in Poland there are strong spring winds blows from every directions. Due to the winds the weather is very hard, one day I could feel all four seasons – sunny cloudy, rainy, snowy, and even hail.
But today I do walked which is quite normal for me.

Walking is same as our life, walking is same as our actions for peace. But many people making reason or excuse couldn’t step forward from our present situation, – it means we cannot breakthrough the situation forever but when we start to move forward we could see the view and we could see the other things and other stuff and every moments checking ourselves our location and revise again for short term and middle term and long term for our big vision of our life – we can reach to the name of goal
goal of our life, and the goal of peace.

When I was walking through China to London I had done so many things but some point I couldn’t see one point that result is just result. And these result cannot be same as our expectation most of the time the result would be quite difference between our expectations. And due to the expectation people discourage themselves, or people become angry or hates, feeling negative feeling.

SO do I when I arrived in London I did expected as much as I did with my self sacrifice.

And 2013 2014 I have established the Peace Educations institution and held Peace Education gathering international students holding big event of International day of Peace ceremony in Sofia Bulgaria. The time also I did expected the students for their good attitude.

And when I started walking again from Poland Oswiecim and till just few days ago I do also have full of expectation from the other people behavior. But now I do started to change myself through the walking in a very hard weather.

Important thing is just what I can do at the moment, my situation is walking for peace, approaching & organizing the event at each different location where I walked arrived, and when I could hold the event which is tree planting, or lecture meeting, I do try my best for students for school and for the nature. Whatever Whenever Wherever However Whoever I just focus on what I can do, with never give up. If we don’t give up them we can find some people, some solution, some information and we can do something.

Doing the best what we can do, and result is just the gift of our efforts. Through my walking, through my continuous doing my actions and these days weather I do keep step forward I could see different view of life. Still need to improve our heart but as I said in above I do try to focus on what I can do every single moment every single place and every single people who I met. Bad or good I think everything has a meaningful for each place, each of us in order to awake our some sense of human being and life of destiny and life of morality!

Tomorrow I do walk from Zagan to Zary! And using this week I do walk arrive in the border between Poland and Germany!!!

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