Friend is the one of the precious people in our life!

From yesterday far away from Japan one of my university time friends whom is studying MBA in USA & recently as an exchange program live in Germany came to Poland to join my Peace Actions. And today with my friends we walked from Wierzbowa to Leszno Górne about 15kms in a forest!
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The friend who came to Poland to see me was used to live same dormitory of Rowing Team as a same Crew! But he was canoeist, and I was rowing oarsman.
-4 years we lived same roof, practiced the rowing and canoeing each other at same Tokyo Olympic Boat course located in Toda city Saitama prefecture Japan, overcame the hardness & difficulties together sharing all of our emotions at University time. Therefore the one of the close friends came to the place where I tried to do my actions for peace was quite touching reunion and encouraged me and my actions.
Due to his studying in Germany and also working, he just could join 1 day walking spending time for 2 days (From 28th to 29th of March) but It was amazing moments that not only my family but these close friend understands, supports and joins the actions for Peace.

Not the friend but other most of friends of mine got married and have an own family having children, work hard not only in Japan but also in this world. As their friend, through my Peace actions I do try my best for making better world inspiring, encouragement, and empowering the people to start to think about peace, act for peace and spread the peace from individual actions at their community and from their words and deeds using our humanity.

Friend is the one of the precious people in our life.
Friend is the one of the precious people whom can share all of our emotions coming appears in our heart.
Friend is the one of the precious people whom can encourage, and inspire each other for making better person together.
Friend is the one of the precious people whom can show our behavior without any expectation.
Friend is the one of the precious people whom can understand each other, overcome the hard situations together and give us the shoulder and hands when we need each other.

IF we have one best friend in our life, life would be much colorful and wonderful.

I myself I am very lucky that I have full of great friend all around the world who connected with each other through my peace actions! I do appreciate my friend Aiura! whom came to Poland to see me!! and I do express my deepest gratitude for every friends of mine in this world!!!!

Tomorrow I do leave Legnica where was the last place where I do my peace actions in Poland at this time, but I do keep walking toward Berlin, using 1 more week I do walk to border between Poland and Germany and will continue to do my peace actions n order to awake people humanity and right to peace and make connections for my Peace Week Institution Educational program and School of Peace Program and Spring Winds for Peace Program.


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