I think to myself “What a wonderful world”

Today I walked 22kms from Chojnow (where I did walked arrived from Legnica on 25th of March) to Wierzbowa going past the villages. At the beginning I walked big road, afterwards small road, small path, and finally I walked in the nature.
On the way I saw wild deer, flowers, and trees, I smelled the trees and green grasses, I heard the singing of the birds, People -not only kids but also all people said “dzień dobry” (Hello in Polish) and I see on the faces of people going by shaking hands and saying “How do you do?” The nature and the people showed their mind of “I love u” from their bottoms on their hearts.
It was great change. I thought to myself “What a wonderful world” today.
Here in this world there are the place of “Wonderful World and Peaceful World”
Every nations, we do have such a wonderful world – as same as the lyrics of “What a wonderful world”.
Every people, we can think and feel as same as the lyrics of “What a wonderful world”

The way to feel and way to think about “What a wonderful world” is “Releasing ourselves”, “Releasing our selfishness”, “Releasing our persistence”, “Releasing our expectation”, and “Being the simple person as same as country side people – feeling the connections with others and nature”.

The way of Peace is the way of our life.
The way of Peace is the way of ourselves.

Everybody can think “What a wonderful world” Let’s go to the country side and let’s walk in the nature meeting with people.
Let’s go to the home town and let’s shaking hands with people and express our love and humanity. And we can find the way of feeling and way of thinking about “What a wonderful world” in our heart!

In our place in our heart there are full of taste of our life! All depend on you!
Don’t be rush, Don’t expect, Don’t be worry, Don’t be nervous! But feel the small happiness from the place and from people, expressing our love and humanity, seeing the nature which exist at your country and living the area.

We can start to find the small sense of “What a wonderful world” everybody places!
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