Kids is amazing innocent human being ~Being able to release their negative feeling and find the happiness immediately

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Today I visited one orphanage in Legnica! In Poland the children situation is quite hard as same as Japanese situation –actually they have own family but several reason of family situations they have no choice to lives in Orphanages with other kids and looking for the family whom can adapt these kids. – Which is very sad because of adult people’s circumstances children suffers and get injured in their heart…. Much painful and much injured in their heart rather than no parents due to some accident or sickness…

When I visited these kids – their face looked like very sad getting little nervous.
And from the moment I did magic using my humanity using my whole emotions and whole my body -expressing my love, my kindness and my happiness!

I told them “We have different skin color, different figure, different culture, but we are same we are family! We all feel love, happiness, sadness, joy, pain, all kind of emotions.
We all need happiness living with smile! We do not need to feel sad or feel anger due to argument or fighting.” And I added – “I am your family! I love you guys! As a family I came here and make you happy feeling Peace!” and gave them some presents related with “Easter Holiday” and made them Origami which is Japanese traditional paper works as much as I could.

Through expression of love and humanity – immediately we closed to each other and we had have a wonderful joyous time with each other kids smiled, kids laughed, kids shouted, showing their full of emotions naturally as same as the other kids!!!!

The kids is amazing – because whenever wherever whatever however whoever they feel happiness and be able to forget the negative feeling immediately which we adult people need to learn from them.

The kids are very happy and called “ARIGATO” which means THANK U all the time!
The innocent pure heart human being! – We need to take care! We need to show our full of humanity for their beautiful happiness life!

In your place there must be some kids who needs love! Who needs happiness!
Please make some times and visit these kids and show your humanity and kindness through your love and joy and happiness which you got from your parents!
It is priceless! Just need your body and need your small kindness! Everybody can do these stuff! Let’s show our good behavior and good words and deeds for them and lights up their bright future for their life!

From bottom on my heart Please do me your favor and do something for your community and city peace.. We need your helps for Peace.

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