Whatever Whenever Wherever However I keep my Peace actions being honest with myself

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Today I walked from Legnica to chojnów 19.7kms. Honesty I do depress due to the people’s behavior through Spring Winds for Peace Campaign. People said I am busy, I do individual actions for our local community. – trying to avoid from the situations. Nobody post any small actions for their precious people and for the people who needs helps at their community or their living area.

Now world really needs positive energy, encouragement, inspiring, empowering for each other as a global citizen for peace!

I still believe we have a heart of humanity and heart of peace however there are more people who needs helps who needs some encouragement, empowering from other people’s actions, or words, or behaviors. I want to ask everybody
– everybody’s behavior, everybody’s way of thinking, have you ever determined to use your life, use your time, use your money, and use everything for others and for peace?? As much as you feel, or thinking, could you change your behavior or could you change attitude for peace for the others doing something???

I think most of the people feel some beholden due to the busy working, due to some situation of your life, and due to avoiding from your true heart with goodwill and humanity.

Important thing is nobody avoid from your heart! Even nobody look at you but yourselves look your behavior, and look your words and deeds!

I myself, whatever whenever wherever whoever however be true to my heart! and following my determination I kept my best for peace. For example many people didn’t believe me that really I walked from China to London using 5 years, and didn’t believe me that I am walking from Oswiecim Poland to Berlin Germany.
As I said in above, even nobody look at us, we ourselves look at our all behavior and words and deeds. And I cannot tell a lie for myself! And if I tell a lie I really think I cannot do my actions for peace. So I am honest with myself I keep walking and keep my peace actions every single places. And even people against me, even people couldn’t understand my message, or people couldn’t do any actions for peace due to some reasons, I myself be true to myself, and as much as I determined I keep doing what I can do for this world.

I am not sure how long does it takes but I do want to believe my endless actions for peace would inspire the people and the time – time of people starting the actions for peace.

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