Importance of Greeting – it is the basic expression of our humanity

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Today Morning 7:54 took a train to move to Legnica for the next basement of my walking,
-9:30 visited Municipality of Legnica in order to arrange the actions in Legnica, and
-11:10 took the train to go back to Mazurowice and 26.4kms I walked from Malczyce via Dabie Jascowice and arrived in Legnica today evening.

Today walking was much more silent than previous whole walking since I have walked since Oswiecim – leaving from big road and – walking small road and path, walking past the very small villages… I really enjoyed my walking today.

What was made me surprised and also made me amazed most in Poland was the kid’s attitude – all kids who went past said “Hello” to me through today’s walking in the “COUNTRY SIDE VILLEGE”.
– it was the first time in Poland and in my peace actions I visited many places
– not many places could see these people’s and children normal & common attitude to say hello to the people meeting on the road even know each other.

I remembered clearly when I was kids even in Tokyo I and everybody did the same attitudes.
Because We learned these common sense – saying greetings for everybody when I was kindergarten kids.
Importance of Greeting – it is because  it is the first contact with people and first conscideration for the others with kindness, and expressing our appreciation, or our humanity.

However year by year it have been hard to listen the words of “Hello” or “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon” even from the neighbors from friends and from people.

Saying greeting words, expressing appreciation, it is the really basic humanity and morality and common sense in our life.

DO you say hello to your family? Friend? Or colleague or teacher??
DO you say thank you to the people?

What I try to do these days through Spring Winds for peace, and all the action for peace is awaking our humanity and right to peace which all have in our heart! and start to change our words and deeds previous time which we all did before as normal common sense but it changes and became as abnormal.

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