Now really we need to stop our greed and development but we need to keep learning and improve ourselves!

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Today in the morning took bus from Wroclaw I went back to Blonie where the place I finished my walking yesterday and walked to Mazurowice via Sroda Slaska – 22kms.

And these days I try to walk much faster than before – normally I do walk 6km/hr which is faster than normal people (normal people walk 4 to 5m) but today I walked these 22kms using 3hrs and 5mins which means 7.135km/hr.
Not only the walking but always I try to improve my actions for peace! At beginning I just could walk, next step, could plant tree, and then lectures, media interview, writing a article, planning the event, organizing the event & project, education young generation & adult people, every single moment I try to learn from the people from young to old and try to do more things for Peace, because there is nothing enough to do peace.

Even if we reach to the goal of peace, from we think it is enough, or it is ok, then the people our life goes wrong direction –  nothing try to learn, looking down the others, and satisfied the situations. and the world would goes back the worst situation immediately.

What I could say is “Whole our life is studying”

However on the other hand people use this point of view of improvement for wrong direction
– which is for development of our civilization and our society using our greed.

“Endless increment of our greed, cross-examination of competition, discrimination, capital, and interest.

Good example of these issue result is I could see in Poland which was the country side and the people’s life.
Few people. No market, No shop, everwhere just have big chain store of the market from France, from Italy from different country…. And I could see “Where was the food comes from – from France, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Germany, really hard to see local product and moreover in countryside and city even the weekend I really hard to see and find any local market as same as those country where is France, Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Chile.

Those country where I explained in above has kept these traditional life style – and try to make different way of development and local people could produce their own vegetable or dairy product, or other food, or product can sell and can keep their way of life…

= This is the typical result of these wrong direction of our improvement suffering countryside, local people and country where has full of influence from big country.

Not those side things of improvement but what we need to focus on is ourselves. Ourselves which ancestor had kept to protect our mentality which is – “Inner heart peace”, “Humanity”, “Humbleness”, “Real knowledge”, and “Experiences” & “Our Life Style”, “Our Morality”, and “The Balance between city and village”, and “Respect & Appreciation between different people’s occupation”, and “the Balance between nature and human being”.

Now really we need to stop our greed and development but we need to keep learning and improve ourselves!

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