I like the Nature after all

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Today after 2 days actions in Wroclaw I started walking toward Berlin. Today I walked from Wroclaw to Blonie – 21km walked. Wroclaw is the big city so around 14km I did had to walk along the big road where so many cars passing by… and passed through the big buildings… And finally 2hrs walking later I do could walk in a little nature side less cars, walking pass, hearing the birds singing, plants, trees….

Much Much peaceful!!! I could relax.

I could see much clearly,
I could think much clearly,
I could breath much deeper!
I could walk much faster!
I could feel myself and feel the world much better!!!!!

Beucase nature is the nature – always show us same attitude with love.
NO lie, NO avoid, NO greed, NO cheating,
Just show us what they are
Full of Love, Full of honest, Full of Innocent.

I really like the Nature.

I do like the Nature after all rather than the human society. Today is the day of beginning of spring in Poland and Japan. Todays in Poland I could see little flower bloomed everywhere, city, beside the road, in the nature… and I could feel soon in Poland Spring come to the country. I cannot wait to feel more nature healing my soul and body!

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