Importance of Education ~What is the way of School~

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Busy days finishing… holding lecture & Tree Planting at the 9th upper secondary school Wroclaw (Liceum Ogólnokształcące nr IX im. Juliusza Słowackiego we Wrocławiu & Interview from Journalist & writer. And from tomorrow start walking again toward Berlin Germany.

The school where I visited today was very great school as same as the other school where I visited in Poland in Glwice, Opole. As I understood from these visiting the schools in Poland, The schools tried to give students more experiences through the school activities not only academic lesson but cultural exchange through visiting the countries, competition of the other countries culture and language, and excursion ,field trips. I think it is very important for the students, because just only the school class in order to gain the knowledge students couldn’t understand how importance of these knowledge and skills are. However through the various activities to have an experiences, students can find their way of their future life using the knowledge which learned at school and find their talent.

Nowadays generally many schools & parents just focuses on the score of the examination, and most of the students just prepare and study for the big examination for entering the good university – cramming the information into the head, and forget the information and knowledge after the examinations and couldn’t use these studying which learned during the student’s time. I myself was not interested in the school studying when I was student, because of the point which I explained in above – following the scores. But If I was in Poland, I might enjoy studying and enjoy the school because of the wonderful teacher in school everywhere in Poland.

School is very important place for growing the wonderful wise adult with wide view of the life, and for making a better country and world. Not only the Knowledge or Experiences, but more things we learn from schools as a preparation of entering the human society – which is “Morality”, “Common Sense”, “Discipline”, “Cooperation”, “Development of individual talent”,  “Humanity” “Trust” and “Love” so on… With these basic of human being – students need to learn at school with these experiences and knowledge and information and if students could learn, and if school could teach the future of country and world, and future generation can be much more brighter than before. Therefore the school education is very importance than which we think.

And in my opinion the school and teacher we do need to respect their effort.
And Teacher need to think about their responsibility and possibility, with humbleness need to keep improvement of the education and inquire the education system forever.

I myself really respect the teacher effort and patience, and I really appreciate for their passion and enthusiasm for the young generations. And I hope and wish that school and teacher start to educate to educate the new subject of “Peace” at early education. So do I, using my knowledge, experiences, I will try my best to educate the young generation giving more opportunity for their life making a better world.

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