Spring Winds for Peace Campaign

Here I do make the campaign page for making spring winds for peace through our small actions for Peace using Origami Crane.

**Soon spring comes -officially 21st of March is the day of beginning of spring.
From the beginning of spring day, in order to bring the spring wind of Peace, sharing our humanity the person suggested to start the Peace Origami Crane campaign.

**The method is simple making origami dove and give it to the people who is close to us like family, friend, teacher, children and lovers showing our appreciation and respect, and post the picture at facebook page.And moreover we would like to show the people also can show the small action for peace with our humanity to the others like kids who needs helps!
From 1 coin donation please let’s start to show our humanity and compassion for the poor kids and kids who has a problems with sickness in your community and city.
As same as we donate at same time we can make origami dove with their message to these kids expressing our love and our wish and our humanity.

Thank you so much for your helps!!!!
We are Peace Family!!!

The Method detail

<Step 1> Make Origami following the description in page image.

<Step 2> How to express your goodwill with your origami!
It is the some example of the actions for your closed people!!!

<Step 3> Take picture which took picture with people who you gave and post in this page with small description.


*<Step 4> Finding the local organization and donate the money which you can donate from one coin . The money is not important important is your heart!
Here is some example in Oswiecim. In your local place there must be some humanitarian aid actions group where need helps for helping poor kids or poor people!



<Step 5> Sharing the community page
to your friend and ask them to do the actions using Origami for their closed people and people who needs helps. From these small goodwill and compassion, let’s make a big differences in Poland as a blowing the spring winds of Peace!

It is simple but exactly from kids to old, we can start the small actions for the others! and can make big differences in this world!
Let’s make a spring wind of peace from our small actions of Origami with goodwill, compassion and our humanity!


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