“Shape of the Heart”

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Walking from Olawa to Siechnice about 18kms. Not only the time time why I can keep walking toward destination every day and why I can arrive the place on time following my plan without any problems and losing the road because I have clear gold, and I calculate the distance, and check the road and location before walking and moreover for all the situation I have extra time and several plan for every time for any situation because I cannot walk as my expectation and my plan due to the weather, due to the changing the road, construction, many reasons.

Walking is quite similar with life. And if using metaphor to explain our life is winding road – the straight road is like our plan or our vision, but in our life there are so many temptation & problems, therefore we easy to lose the way, and also couldn’t reach the destination named dream or vision so our road of life is winding –
So what we need is the destination of the goal called – the vision of our life which I talked yesterday “道徳” & “使命”.

But why we cannot find our own “道徳”&“使命”because of problems of society. Through the education what we learn and what we follow is “Competition Society”, “Elite Society” and “Discrimination Society” – just one way of principal such as scour of exam, good school, big company, good salary, – due to this principal most of the people couldn’t find their own“徳”&“命”because the parents and teacher all people follow the trend.

In addition not only the point but due to the point which I explained above, people couldn’t check
-“Who they are”, “What is the situation of the world”, “What is the problems in this world”, “How does it takes for the goal” and “How can we reach the goal”
which is similar with walking on the road toward the destination.
-“Check the location”, “Understanding the location where we are”, and
“The distance toward destination of the goal”

Firstly we need to know ourselves, and we need to find our “道徳” and “使命”.
How can we find it?? It is not easy but exactly in our life every single moment we have a opportunity to realize our “道徳” and “使命” through every single stuff which happens in our life good thing, negative thing, sad thing, painful thing, harness…. All things are happened with some reason.

To find the “道徳”and “使命” is all depend on ourselves. If just follow the short period joy, or excitement, or interest, we cannot find it and exactly we lost the way and again we have to walk long way of winding road of our life!

I had many difficulties happens and sad experiences but I am very happy that I found my way of my life – the road of Peace.

I wish doing the action with many people. I can inspire the people to find the way of own road of life following “道徳” and “使命”

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