What is our real life?

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Today I walked from Brzeg to Olawa abour 16kms short walking. And moreover in the morning I did visited Municipality of Wroclaw and sent my official document for our cooperation in Peace actions.

“City”, “Town”, and “Village” always I come across the different places and see the different atmosphere of human society.

*City – Everybody walk very fast and rush for something or be chased by something.
*Town & Village – people chat with neighbor, taking care of the garden or farm
– spending time with family, kids play on the field with their brothers and sisters and friend. And time pass very slowly.

Especially Poland I feel the big gaps between City and country side, even just 10 to 15km distance between city and town the people’s way of life seem to be totally different.

The hardest place to see the location was China. During my walking through China
–I saw the situation situations China – Even city there were full of gap between people due to disparity of wealth. Just center of city -around 1 to 1.5km there were very rich people live, and on the other hand out of the center of city people gathered the rubbish or small branch of tree earning the money for their life.

What I want to tell from the atmosphere and my experiences, I would like to ask people
“What is Life?”

Now many people live for the money and for their own life. But is money the most important thing?
-When we have a money, we might start to buy some better quality stuff, -house, car, clothes, more and more we buy, but when we bought the stuff, have you ever think we use the money for keep the situation?
-Opposite side people don’t have a money, people abandon the hometown and move to the place where can learn the money and the people start to enter the circle of slavery of money and the country side became more poor due to no demand of the economy.

This is the exactly the point of problems in this world.

If we follow the capitalism endless we need to use the money, and we need to increase the money.

But we have limited natural resources, we have limited land. If we follow the capitalism
-As same as human disparity of wealth, city, nation, and world have much more big gap between city, nation, and world following our human race. And exactly some point because of the land, because of the natural resources, more and more conflict would be appeared, more and more problems will be happens due to money.
Because people think everything related with money.

So have you ever think to release yourself from the Money, –

if we follow the money – we can’t find real happiness in our life. So again what is life? What is the life without money?

The answer is the country side in my opinion.
**The people doesn’t have a enough money, but always the people help each other in a many way, exchanging the product of food, sharing the tool of farming or some other stuff which we need for life, and all together as a big family people live each other.

Some point for young generation, it seem to be bored, and because of the globalization young generation dream to live with full of money…

In Japan we have these two words “道徳”and “使命”

“道徳”(doutoku)- means Morality.
“道” means road or path, and
“徳” means our talent or good point of ourselves which we have since we were born.
*The real meaning of “道徳” is the way of our life for others happiness using our talent or good point which we have since when we were born.

“使命”(shimei) – means mission
“使”means use
“命”means life
*The real meaning of “使命” is using our life and staking on our life, we have a mission and role for the others in our life.

How many people understand our “徳”
How many people understand our “命”
How many people do live our life with “道徳” and “使命” ??

And through my writing, maybe you can understand what is real life.
City?? Or Village??

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