“Starting some little steps from Poland Local People”

Today I moved from Opole to Wroclaw for changing my next week basement of my walking. and from tomorrow I walk from Brzeg where I walked arrived on 14th of March, to Olawa, and Radwanice and at same time I try to organize the event in Wroclaw visiting school for giving the dream and hope for their future and for peace.
And moreover not only my walking action for peace, but through my waling actions for Peace in Poland, somethings starting from Poland individual actions for peace!

These days since I have being involved in Polish Media, many people started to contact with me, and sharing their thought and mind for peace. And one of the people from Warsaw her name is Karolina Komosa gave me great idea for Peace action campaign in Poland named
~“Blow the “Spring Wind of Peace” from our individual actions for Poland.

I would like to share the little detail of the actions

**Soon spring comes to Poland -officially 21st of March is the day of beginning of spring.
From the beginning of spring day, in order to bring the spring wind of Peace, sharing our humanity the person suggested to start the Peace Origami Dove campaign.
**The method is simple making origami dove and give it to the people who is close to us like family, friend, teacher, children and lovers showing our appreciation and respect, and post the picture at website or facebook or some site in a social network.

**From here is my idea**
The people can show the small action for peace for their precious people with origami
But also I would like to show all we can show our humanity to the others like kids who needs helps!
Like from 1 coin donation we start to show our humanity and compassion for the poor kids and kids who has a problems with sickness. As same as we gather the donation at same time we can make origami dove with their message to these kids expressing our love and our wish and our humanity.

Mr. Albert Bartosz Mrs. Monika Bartosz MsBernadeta Sędrak-Legut, MsEwa Drabczyk, MsKasia Laura Olubińska, MsMałgorzata Ruszkiewicza,Please consider the action for bring the spring wind for peace starting small action for Poland with Origami!!!

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