What can you hand yourself down to the future generation?

Today from 11:00 in the morning –I walked from Skorogoszcz to Brzeg 20km in a rain again. – All the way there were full of farm surrounding the area with ancient old houses I could see.

Through my walking all my way everywhere I saw the human society or the places where related with human being such as farm, road, canal, artificial natures in every single counties.

Nowadays it is hard to see the real untouched nature in this world. Since human being have had civilization, we live using the nature – Ancient time we might could make a balance between nature & human society – full of respect for the nature, and full of respect for the others, ancestor produced good quality product and hundred and hundred years generation to generation we hand the stuff (*which is house, land, product, knowledge, skills) down to the next generations.

However due to the civilization progress, we lost the mind – we just follow the capitalism and materialism. And we over used the natural resources and every day, every single moment we do make new product following speed consumption and over consumption.

I myself really asked by myself
“As same as our ancestor handed down to us, what we can hand down to the next generations????”

Over 100, 200, 300, 400 years later, if our human being still exists in our world, Is there anything can be handed down to the future?

I really doubt the point if we keep focusing on our mind and our way of society It might be nothing can be left in the future.

Is not it better to forget our material wealth, or just short time our happiness?
Is not it better to have more wise view thinking the future?

I myself I try -my thought and my spirit inspires the people and people hand my story down to the next generations – as same as ancestor told the story to the kids and became some fairy tale teaching some good way of thinking and attitude.

I myself I believe my tree which I planted would grows up and lives hundred and hundred years and make an oxygen for future generation’s breath, and making a shade or place for gathering the family place.

I myself I try -my education program would be the base of the education in this world telling and educate generation the importance of the Peace.

For not only present time, but for future, for next generation I will try what I can hand myself down to the future generation.

What can you    hand yourself down to the future?

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