What is Happiness? Why am I Happy??

What is happiness?? Why I am happy?
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Today I walked from Opole to Skorogoszcz about 20km in a raining… these days in Poland the weather changes day by day. 3 to 4 days ago it was like spring, warm and nice sunny day, but today suddenly went back to the cold weather with raining like winter… The life is also same, day by day we have had so many things – which all can’t follow our expectations. – sometime good mood, fantastic, happy, and joyful day, and sometime depressing, disappointing, anger, sad, frustrating, boring,,
Not only the feeling but many reasons people could not feel happy or could not be satisfied due to material greed, due to competition between the others….

Yesterday one of the students where I visited school sent me a message and asked some questions.
-“I have never met such an amazing and heart-warming person before. Your look, smile and way You talk match greatly. I am very interested how You had transformed your everyday life, to a journey? I am also curious why are You so happy with your sometimes hard life, and how could we be happier in our ordinary boring everyday life.”

As a replying I did asked him – Why I am happy because I do what I can do for the other people happiness, I do feel the connection with others and connection with nature and appreciate the situation of mine!

And explain the Vietnam orphanage story which I had experiences during my walking from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh 2009 ~ 2010 and told my opinion of my happiness!
I would like to share again my experiences through the article.

-During my walking through Vietnam, as much as I could I tried to visit to help Orphanage where I walked arrived, because there were so many orphans due to the poverty, and due to the suffering from the negative legacy of War “Agent Orange”
But all the encounter with Orphans were amazed.
-As soon as I entered in Orphanages Children came to me and told me these 3 words.
“Are u hungry?”
“Can I help you?” and “What can I do for you?”

Their situation wasn’t good, I can say it is very hard situation, no family, no food, no clothes, nothing they have. However they tried to share what they have and tried to help the others and tried to help each other. And I asked them “Are u Happy??”
-The kids always said “YES I AM HAPPY”

and I added to asked them “If you can change your life, where do you want to be born?!” Most of the kids told me “I like here, I like my sisters and brothers living together here in our home. I am happy here so I do not want to change the situation or change the life even I can change.”

Why they are happy? & why they can think the others with self-sacrifice?
Because they really knew what is the meaning of happiness, and they truly understood why they can live and why they exist in this world. So as an appreciation and respect, they tried what they can do for the others which all tried to do for them.

Then why we cannot feel happy even our life is much better than these kids??

Have we ever feel and think about our situation??
-We have legs. We have arms. We have ear, We have eyes. We can listen.

We can speak. We can eat. We can walk.
– Just only this things it is not normal in this world. –
If we do think the point –don’t we feel we are happy and lucky??
Nowadays many people don’t feel the small happiness because always people follow the material wealth, money, position, power, prize, and pride becoming selfish – Therefore people couldn’t feel the connection with others and nature, and have forgotten the real name of happiness, and people couldn’t feel how lucky we are.
The situation of us – all comes from the mind and way of thinking of selfishness.
But when we could feel the connection with the others – and think about our situations we can start to feel we are happy at the situation of ours and can start to appreciate, respect for the others! Moreover we can start the action with goodwill and kindness and with humanity! When we do some good action with consideration for the others, and when we try to make the other happier we can start to feel the happiness ourselves.
For example – when our family, friend birthday what do we do normally?

-Holding party, or giving present.

When they got and see their appreciation, and see their happiness

What do we feel?? Don’t we happy??
There are full of happiness in our life, not from material stuff, not from our selfishness, but all comes from the understanding the situation of ours and our behavior with consideration and behaviors toward the other’s happiness.
Showing our goodwill, kindness, appreciation, respect, apology, forgiveness, and compassion, these all the attitude for the others exactly turn to our happiness!

It is the way of happiness and I do feel, and these poor country people feels, so I and they can live with full of smile in hard life.

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