What is the biggest motivation for keep doing the action for peace??


Today I visited one sercondry school called “Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących in Opole city for holding my lecture spreading the message of peace. It was great moments with students always because they are wise, they have goodwill & full of power of humanity for this world! And always the encounter with students wises me more inspiration for peace. Today after the meeting I got a connections with several students by facebook and had a conversation. -Not only the students but always 10866172_1637270393167912_3205366578327481128_oIMG_9111
many students asked me why you can keep the actions for peace?.
I would like to tell the reason and my feeling for my endless actions for peace.

There are full of reasons, and honestly I do thought many times to stop my actions for peace. Because it all comes from my self-sacrifice, using my time, using my money, using my power, using my life for just Peace. It is really hard to continue to do this. However there were big motivation for keeping to face on the world and trying to do the actions for peace.

*The biggest reason is my determination to use all my stuff for peace due to 2006 misery losing my best friend & Fiancee – this experiences have kept giving me a power for peace.
But not only the determination through my personal experiences, but there are more reasons why I can keep my action for peace, there are two side of the reason from positive side and negative side.

*Positive side.
All the way of my walking action from China to London, and all the actions for peace I met so many people. And their smile, their words of “Thank u” I always remind in my heart and always when I have a problems and have a difficulties happens “the people’ smile” & “words” encouraged me and push me to keep doing my action toward Peace.

*Negative side.
Through my actions for peace I saw directly of the real world situations which is
in front of me *people were dying due to the poverty, *people were killed due to the situation of the war or conflict, *people were suffering due to the world trend…….
And every time I heard the sad news from my friends, for example last January I lost my friend who was great man and great policeman in Turkey Istanbul due to the suicide attack at Police Station.

It is too much to see and hear the precious friends and people suffered and lost their life…..

I did have own pain from personal experiences, and every single sad news from people, and seeing the people’s suffering – gives me full of pain in my heart.

I do felt it is enough.
Just only I myself is enough to have a pain due to the world situation.
I really do not want my precious people to have same misery and same sadness, and same pain in their heart because all of the people who I met are precious, all of the students who I met are amazing hope.
They have own family, own friends, own lovers, own children, but just because of the world situation, I cannot accept to make more victims in this world….

It is too much, It is not necessary to have this misery anymore.
The negative side of my experiences, and pain and injure in my heart gives me much more power for keeping doing my actions for peace.

I really do not care myself, even I lost my arms. Even I lost my legs, even I lost my life,
if somebody feel happy I do love to give my life for Peace….

This is the honest answer for the question from students.
And I do wish everybody all together can live without any problems and smile each other enjoy the life together with name of Peace.


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