“Omoiyari” is the world common spirits of our humanity

Today I walked from Naklo to Opole about 18kms in a raining. It was not long walk but because of the cold weather and raining it was little bit hard to walk. However I do think the day of 11th of March.
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Today was the day of Tohoku Earthquake&Tsunami when was 11th of March 2011.
Due to the Earthquake and Tsunami Japan had serious damage and so many people lost their family, and still right now so many people couldn’t go back to their hometown due to the accident of Hukushima Newclear.
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No matter the situation Japanese people united with everybody together and had tried to overcome the situation. No matter the situation Japan kept our morality & humanity we recover the situations. Japan we have special mentality & spirits called “Omoiyari”

*Omoiyari is the one of the behavior coming from pure innocent heart of kindness and compassion.
The shape & size of Omoiyari has full of variety such as
“Saying some kind word to the people considering the people’s health” or
“without any expectation for return or repayment giving & sharing what we have materially & mentally”
– Everything comes from soul & mind of propriety.
What I was surprised was wherever I go, every country, every people showed me their Omoiyari.
Everybody said Japan did so many things for us, I would like to do something…
I still clearly remember the time of 11th of March 2011. – 11th of March 2011 I was in Syria walking toward London.
The moment even it was the beginning of conflict time in Syria on the day when I was walking through Homs Syria where located in a middle of Syria – so many people came to me and asked me
“Are you are Japanese?” “Your countries has huge problems what can I do for you and for your country??”
So many people even I am stranger they worried about me and tried to do something for Japan forgetting their situation of the country.

Not only Syria but all the way of my walking toward London, every single country, where I arrived everybody asked the situation and show me the Omiyari and tried to something…

It showed us The mentality of “Omoiyari” is not special spirit of Japan. Every country has the Spirit.

Moreover today I found the great article from Palestine Gaza Strip, the situation is still hard because of the war, but even 4 years passed from the disaster they still worry about us and showing their “Omoiyari” with their way!

I would like to my appreciation for everybody who consider & showing “Omoiyari” and
I would like to express my appreciation for people who support me and help my peace actions!

We all have our “Omoiyari”
Let’s show and spread our “Omoiyari! Wherever Whoever Whatever and Whenever!
Shall we show our Omoiyari for this world and making a better Place!??

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