“Walking wises so many things”

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Today I walked from Strzelce Opolskie to Naklo. These 2 days the weather was perfectly warm and sunny.
It was totally pleasant moment of the walking.

And always through the walking I recognize so many things.
My body, my mind, my eyes, my nose, my mouth, every sense of myself awakes and feel real life.

“Walking” – whenever whatever wherever nothing disturb me,
it is the precious moment of conversation with my body and nature, earth and universe.
It is not meaning of my brain works. Everything stop working from my side.
Naturally I recognize, I understand, and I feel.
And always I feel is
“How short life and how small creature I am” – Comparing with the universe, the earth, and nature.

I am very little tiny creature, and we are all same.
I do not know anything. We do not know anything.
– Our knowledge, our experiences are nothing it is just little brain – maybe just one words of dictionary or book of this huge world of universe.

But on the other hands there are diversity so we can keep this world.
We are tiny creature but we all are precious. The point makes us humble.
The point makes us to have wise view.

Although what is the situation of the world???
How many people recognize the point?

How many people release their ego, their pride, and their selfishness through the recognition?
Maybe not many… especially people have a money, people have a position, and people have prize. –
Even people are pure before they got these, but when we got suddenly people change…..

I do keep my mind not getting influence from this world – not only through the walking but through the meeting with people, through the conversation with people, through the actions for peace.

What I can say now is POLAND – it makes exactly wises my mind more than before….
And I really appreciate all the environment and people!!!!! Tomorrow I do walk arrive in Opole!

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