Appreciation Message for everybody

It was so touching that all the people just for my peace action in Poland tried to conntacted with TVN, and using long way trip visited Warsawa for supporting the action for Peace! Oswiecim people Thank u so much for your great support!

And during the interview time, even Satruday Gliwice school principal & teacher and all students from school thank u very much for coming for spreading the message!! I really appreciate for your heartfelt kindness and concern for peace!

TVN Reporter, Director and TV crew thank u so mcuh for spreading my message!!!!

Moreover people who watched TV, thank u very much for contacting with me
and sending me a wonderful message!

With my full of appreciation, with full of respect, I keep doing my actions
and I try to connect more people to start the actions for peace and making a better world together in a honorable matter.

Day after tomorrow I will visit High school for holidng two Peace lecture in Opole!!
And tomorrow I will walk from Naklo to Opole.

*Here is the TVN interview!!…/sadzi-drzewa-w-imie-pokoju,16036…


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