Polska jest fajna



Today 9th of March I walked from Toszek to Strzelce Opolskie and morning I appeared on Polish TVN Morning Program which is most famous TV program in Poland!!!!! Today I got so many message and friend request through the TV influence and Polish people expressed me their heartfelt appreciation!!

Not only this time but always I felt the words
“Polska Jest Fajna” –which means Polish people are amazing.

They are polite, friendly, kind and have a high consciousness for Peace! Wherever I go, Oswiecim, Thchy, Micolow, Gliwice, Pyskowice, Toszek, people welcome me with heartfelt hospitality.

– hotel owner always made time for serving tea, coffee, and cakes, brought me the many places, and helped me to connect with local people.
Oswiecim Mayor, Foundation, school, – as much as they can try keep trying help using their connections even I left Oswiecim.
– hotel As soon as I entered hotel, hotel stuff got inspiration from my actions, when I came back to hotel there are letter with sweet with full of Kindness.
-Government, School using just few hours made the time and arranged wonderful lecture meeting at junior high school and Principal, her daughter, school teacher always made time for serving meals, showing the places, and make me feel confortable.

– Just yesterday as this week basement of my walking and Peace action I checked in the
hotel, and when I spoke my actions, hotel reception brought me the candy as her appreciation.

Day by day I really felt their amazing Peace Heart! And I felt and got many positive energy!

People say you are positive, but honesty I am not always positive and good man,
But why I can keep positive in Poland because “Polska Jest Fajna”
I love Poland very much and keep trying my positive peace action in Poland as much as I can!!!! Next action place is Opole! I will walk arrive in Opole using 2 more days!

Tomorrow I walk from Strzelce Opolskie to Naklo!!!!

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