Peace isn’t the destination. Peace is the WAY!


Dear all

Thank u very much all the time you guys helps and support for peace.
This time I would like to share one negative conversation with Coordinator of UN International day of peace.
-Back Ground of the conversation is
every single peace I do try my action for peace and try to post my actions in specific group page in order to inspire the people,empower the people, and encourage the people to start the action for peace! Because just organization, government, actions for peace is not enough therefore I would like to show the example – which is every day is peace day – every day every person whatever whenever, whoever can do something for peace – and I try my best to do every single possibility.But due to the differences of way of thinking, we argued each other.This is the background of the conversation.

I really do know it is not good for me to share these negative conversation, and showing my negative side.

Moreover I truly believe someone would against me, and someone would argue with me someone will leave from me.

But honesty I do not try to against anyone, I do not try to attack someone but
I really wish not through an argument but as a different view of advise
I would like to awake people, organization to have more wise view for the actions for peace and many people awake and
no matter who they are, I would like people to speak up “It is not the way!!!!!!! especially for people think I am special or perfect to not control the people and to not respect the other people (who works for someone or some place) opinion.

Through the conversation I would like everybody to feel something which is
**What is the better way to be a leader & organization who & where
light up people, organization, and all types of organization??
**what is the real peace action?
**what is the way of peace education?
**What is important for actions for peace?

Nowadays so many people have own page, using internet spreading some message, finding some good words and post as their own experiences.
there are many group page trying to spread peace.
And moreover inside their head people decide Way of peace must be like that!
making destination, or answer.

But when we see the world – there are variety of people! there are no answer for peace!! However there are many internet group page saying the answer saying some message of peace, but not many people try to do the real actions in our life, in our society, for people for group. for school, for local community, for other countries.

More than cleverness, more than brain, we need kindness we need heart!
More then internet actions, more than office work, We need to go out to talk with people. we need to give the hand to the people who need helps.

Now really people lost the balance!!! Please wake up people!!
Just internet, just office work, just one way of thinking we cant solve the problems!

We might argue each other, we might fight each other, we might have conflict each
other, but we need to find the way of our cooperation!
The People who sit on the high position chair, please forget own way of thinking, you have a great opportunity and responsibility to light up the people! who have different way of thinking, and different background!!! so
Please with wise view try more wonderful actions for peace!!!! Please encourage and educate the people who dont know how to do the actions individually!!

Thank u very much for pay attention of my conversation and with humbleness, with full of appreciation for everybody, I always be ready to do more actions for peace!
with my self-sacrifice!

How are u XX. I just want to ask you something about Education Peace Team Group Page and your attitude.
I myself I always try my best for this world Peace doing my self-sacrifice. And always try to share my information using my article.
However I dont know why you always delete my post trying to not share the information. I couldnt understand and in my opinion there are no point to not approval of my information. If there are any misunderstanding or some negative feeling from you to me would you please to tell me? I always welcome you to share and I do listen in order to make good relationship for all our common goal of Peace!
Best Regards

Dear Mr. Yuji Miyata,
My attitude is just making sure everyone has a chance… I cannot post everything about you because it would be like always about you… You post a lot… I am trying to find balance…
All the best in your efforts,

<Yuji Earthman>
Dear XX
Thank u very much for your replying! And understand your opinion but almost 2 years I checked the page, most of the people dose not post anything.
And I want to ask you what is the main purpose of international day of peace? just focus on 21st of Sep? nope right? I understand message is every day should be Peace day! And I try my best through my actions by various way
Isn’t it inspirational to see some person try to do the action every day and dont you feel someone start more actions for peace?
Best Wishes

You should create your own page where people can come and hear all things about you… You are right, Peace Day is everyday… But this is not Yuji Day page…
Please try to understand it’s not all about you and too much of you is just too much.
Nothing personal

<Yuji Earthman>
I have! and I always try to spread so many message!
But what is the situation of the world?? There are nothing enough effort for peace XX?
I dont try to focus myself XX
Everything I do my actions for free!
And if just government or NGO, do the actions isnt enough!
People have to start personal actions for peace! Havent you think about it?
havent you see real situation of the world??

<Yuji Earthman>
You see every places I do the actions with local people local government, NGO! for them it is their first steps!
Can u ignore it? can you say just because of ME can u forget their effort for peace?

Thank you for all YOU do…!
It is much appreciated

<Yuji Earthman>
I am sorry it is wrong. Not me but the world people do the actions
I just want to show it

Yes! I understand… Much Peace!
It is not wrong… We just want to find balance…

<Yuji Earthman>
SO please dont delete the post, just finding the balance and even you takes time please post it
it can be possible right?
Anyway thank you so much for your sharing your feeling, I do appreciate it! and let’s find more wise way to inspire the people encourage the people, and empower the people with all different people from Government NGO, School for starting their actions!

I can see that you do not understand our point… For this I am very sorry… This page is about Peace Education… Your actions are important, but this is not a page about you… If people see you on this page EVERYDAY they might just go away… It’s about balance… You should not take it personal. We cannot have: “… Here is a picture about Yuji here, here is a picture of Yuji there… More Yuji here, and more Yuji there… Etc. …

Please understand
What is your personal page so we can promote it on other page we manage
Give me a link

<Yuji Earthman>
Thank u so much for your expression! xx I want to ask you what is education?

It is just a school education? There are so many education way! we have!
for kids, for adult people, for educating people how to do the actions, how to spread the message, how to inspire the people!
Everything is education
But If you feel I “Yuji” appear all the time and if you feel i do the action for myself – it is totally big misunderstanding!
Also I would like to understand the point!
Moreover it is your group page so I cant push my opinions
so I respect your way!
And it is wonderful that you can spread peace message in different way! I do appreciate it!
We do not need to argue the point because our goal is same! World Peace!
Just want to find good way of our cooperation! and unity for Peace!
Thanks again for your making time to answer my message!

Earthwalker Yuji
Peace at Home Peace in the World

You should post on the Culture of Peace Initiative page instead…

<Yuji Earthman>
Yes i did and do

Great! There are more people there…

<Yuji Earthman>
From 2008 I did post all the actions of mine with Earthwaker who you might know him
But most of the time maybe you I dont know But “Dont try to show it to the main post…” That is why I decided to post at committee page!

You have 320 followers on your page… I understand why you want to post about YOU and your work everywhere else… Why are there not more people following your efforts?

<Yuji Earthman>
I just made it this month!
I mean peace week page

What did you do before
Why Peace Week…? When is that? Why not Peace Walk?

<Yuji Earthman>
this one is especially for peace week educational project which I established in 2012

So, between 2012 and this month what did you do?

<Yuji Earthman>
And before I walked from china to London using 5 years for spreading the message of peace

How did you spread that message

<Yuji Earthman>
Ok so you are the new comer for International day of peace
so you dont know me

I have been with IDP since 2004
I know you
How many pages do you have?
Peace week… What else

<Yuji Earthman>
If you like I can send all the material which I did since 2007

No, it’s ok
I believe you

<Yuji Earthman>
See you avoid

Why is there not more people following you is what I don’t understand

<Yuji Earthman>
my message is everybody can do the small actions for peace

Yes! Of course

<Yuji Earthman>
in order to tell the message I walked from china to lonodn
i walked 12,500km

I know

<Yuji Earthman>
visited 700schools
planted over 4000 trees
helped 200 orphanages


<Yuji Earthman>
my actions if people see just one step it is short distance
<Yuji Earthman>
but if i continue to walk I can walk long distance
and every place where I arrive I can do small actions


<Yuji Earthman>
but all the way i do my actions, people can see small actions makes big differences

Why 320 only?

<Yuji Earthman>
so i did my walking actions with UN Peace Ambassador
it is because i just made it for special peace week project

Where are your supporters and followers?

<Yuji Earthman>
i have 2200people frieds!


<Yuji Earthman>

and more
who dont have a facebook
and what is peace week is
all the way from china to london i saw the hard situation of the world
and especially kids are suffering so I started my institution focus on education for kids
in order to awake kids humanity
and awake people&s right to peace
and now I do start more project called School for Peace Friend for peace
using all my conections in this world
as a exchanging program for making global citizen of peace
I want to ask you what do you do since 2004
just advertisement ?
or some organize the conference?
Page is not important for me
I do the actions much more real life
i meet people directly
i speak people directly
and not knowledge from someother people
but I do tell my own experiences
and try to make people to start the actions!!!
not because of me, or for me
but for peace for this world
as much as i can i try what i can do for this world
because i see directly the situation where people and kids were killed without any reasons
I see the situation directly people suffer from world trend
and personally i lost my best friend and fiancee
that is my motivation to keep my actions for everybody with my selfsacrifice
i earn the moeny 100% i use it for peace
nothing for me
Please dont think I just focus on Me
I don’t and i will not
if you dont beleive you can contact with people who I cooperated with me
and ask people who is Yuji Miyata


<Yuji Earthman>
I am really disappointed
the main person of international day are like that kind of person
But its ok

You judge me
That is not very peaceful

<Yuji Earthman>
you did first

Just because I do not post everything you ask me to post?
Not very respectful

<Yuji Earthman>
no now your attitude like you look down
what is the follower 320 why?

I will keep this communication and share it with my colleagues

<Yuji Earthman>
what did you do before

For future reference

<Yuji Earthman>
is it also polite way XX?

This is totally a lack of respect for what we do

<Yuji Earthman>
peaceful way?
I really appreciate international day of peace try to spread the message of peace
so I keep doing my actions always share the information of 21st of Sep
every places
so please dont try to see some organization or government actions
but please light up the individual actions
and show the world there are the people ,NGO, government, all people can unite and do the actions for peace together
which is your job

Are you telling me how to do my job

<Yuji Earthman>

I’m done! Have a nice day!

<Yuji Earthman>
I propose and i suggested
Please have more wise view and sometime see the real situation of the world! going out of the office
Have a good day too!

You insult me
And all we do